Chronic Fatigue to the Vibrant Life I So Longed For

I went from being a full-time worker while completing a Master's Degree, to spending two and a half years nearly housebound with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Many days, getting dressed was an exhausting struggle not worth the effort. Often I thought, "This is ridiculous, surely I can…" ...climb these stairs at a normal speed. ...have this phone conversation. this paragraph.  But usually I couldn't.

And often I thought, "Oh, my God I'm never going to be able to do anything again!"

With meditation, supplements, naturopathy, diet changes, heart-rate monitoring, pacing, and moving to a better-insulated home, I stopped getting worse.

Reading "An Introduction to the Lightning Process" and doing its written exercises helped me turn the tide. As I processed the ideas in the book over several months, I started thinking "OK, this is really happening to me right now, and it feels terrible. AND I can and will do whatever it takes to heal." 

This was pivotal, but progress was slow until I took the 3-day training with Amanda. After the first day I was able to walk a mile, instead of wanting to sit down after walking a few yards. Even though I understood that I'd used the Lightning Process to relax my nervous system and re-energize my body, it felt like a miracle.

Since I completed the training 9 months ago, I've continued to do more than I thought I ever would, and it still feels miraculous. Traveling abroad, frequent out-of-town trips to visit family and friends, catching up on over two years of paperwork, taking over household chores again, providing regular support to my aging parents, volunteering door-to-door for the election, planning for my next career, and walking and exercising daily to build my strength.  During a recent whirlwind family trip to Chicago, I walked eight miles in one day and still had energy to go to a Blues Club that night.

It all feels like a dream come true.

Amanda's teaching skills and humor made the 3-day training delightful and highly effective. From our first conversation to our most recent follow-up session, her coaching has guided me to the vibrant life I so longed for.

I know the Lightning Process can help many, many more people, and I encourage anyone considering it to speak with Amanda.

Sharon (aged 42), New Hampshire