LP for CRPS: The Tool That Taught Me How To Change My Brain & Get My Life Back

Ten years with CRPS can change your life completely. It did so with me. The pain had destroyed me inside and out and I was just a shadow of the person I was before. I was still young and I wanted to live my life so badly, but I couldn’t handle the thought of living a long life with CRPS.  That seemed like an endless torture in my eyes.

I was told that the disease was incurable and that my pain would never disappear. Still, I kept trying new treatment options because I knew if I stopped, the little flame of hope inside of me would go out - and so would my reason to keep on living.

When I met Amanda Ashley, I was in the middle of a passive treatment - a treatment that continued for months after attending the LP course.

The treatment took all my focus and therefore I didn’t have the energy to fully engage with what Amanda and the LP course had taught me. 6 months after the course, I decided to stop the passive treatment and use all my energy on the LP tools, and when I started doing that, I started to progress!

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From Skeptical to Empowered and Pain-Free

I’m penning my Lightning Process story so that what I share may become an inspiration to anyone traveling a similar path. My name is Susan H and I dodged an opioid addiction, a life full of drugged nothingness and life robbing chronic pain. The Lightning Process played an integral part in my path to drug free wellness.

The portion of my life story that benefitted from LP began with a hand injury that after months of debilitating pain was diagnosed as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). My research of CRPS provided the following prognosis: “crippling, irreversible changes in spite of appropriate treatment”, “no cure” and “no officially recognized specific treatment”. I was overwhelmed and, at first, blindly followed the advice of my medical team. That prescribed path sent me into a rapid downward spiral. Medication and physical therapy didn’t touch the excruciating pain and I foresaw a long dark tunnel of never ending medication, invasive procedures and pain.

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The LP Has Been a Miracle in My Life

For seven years I suffered from CRPS, the worst pain known to man. My beliefs, thoughts, and actions all revolved around this crippling disease. I was barely functional, had lost my job, and was just barely surviving. I was on narcotics and nerve pain medications, had a spinal cord stimulator, and was doing numerous things to help cope with the pain and avoid any flares.

 I signed up for the Lightning Process with Amanda, not knowing what it really was, only knowing that it had helped people with similar conditions. The workshop is three days long. After the first day I was fully off my medications and my pain was gone during the daytime. Unbelievable! After a month I was sleeping well and feeling great...all the time! By simply changing my beliefs, thoughts, and actions I was able to control my physiology and reverse an incurable disease. The Lightning Process has been a miracle in my life, opening my eyes to the mind-body connection and giving me the tools to control what I once believed to be beyond my control.

Amanda is amazing. She has a passion for the Lightning Process and for helping people, and she is incredibly good at it. With her I got someone who genuinely cares for me and knows just how to help and guide me in every situation I could throw at her. I am now doing amazing and it just continues to get better, thanks to Amanda and the Lightning Process.

Darin Heuermann, Cumming, Georgia


A Lighthouse to Guide Me out of Chronic Pain and Despair


My name is Gabriel King, I am a chronic pain veteran of five years and a writer. For those five years of hell, I was in a state of limbo, falling aimlessly into a pit of despair. It was a very hopeless place to be and I soon found myself longing for a way out, a lighthouse to guide me out of the darkness. For me, the Lightning Process was that lighthouse. It was an incredible discovery to learn that I had more control over my body than I realized. This tool is a necessity for those seeking to find victory over chronic pain.

During the three-day seminar, I was coming off of Cymbalta and was dealing with the severe side effects that come with that. Having learned the Lightning Process quickly and added it on my tool belt, I was also able to overcome those symptoms and never felt them again.

The Lightning Process was the final key I needed to pull myself out of the Pit and get back to the life I love!

Gabe King, Virginia

Gabe is also the author of an excellent blog about the Lightning Process, which you can read here

CRPS to Freedom and Joy! — Amanda Ashley led Lightning Process®


I had the opportunity to learn the Lightning Process with Amanda Ashley a year ago, and it is still something I use daily, sometimes several times a day.  I was treated for CRPS, a rare chronic pain syndrome, and the LP is a technique that I use to 'rewire' the brain, or to create new neuro-pathways.  I left treatment with several 'tools in my bag' to manage pain, but it is the Lightning Process that is my 'go-to'!  Any time I start to feel the slightest hint of CRPS showing it's face, I immediately practice the Lightning Process! 

Not only has it helped me with the CRPS, but now I use it for other areas in my life!  I see the world differently, and how my brain perceives my world!!  I have even used the LP to manage any kind of negative emotions that have been attached to previous traumatic experiences.  These are 'old programs' that run when I have a memory trigger, but I have created 'new programs' by creating new neuro-pathways and now I know I can live the rest of my life in freedom and joy and abundance.  Since treatment for CRPS, I have been ziplining, rappeling, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, and I just hiked a mountain for 12 miles!!

Thank you Amanda Ashley and Phil Parker!!  I am so grateful!!!! 

Cheri Meeks, Summerville, South Carolina

No More Illness, Life is Amazing

No More Illness, Life is Amazing

My name is Skylar I’m nineteen years old.  I used to live with Gastroparesis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CRPS and much more and I took the Lightning Process class several months back. 

Before LP I was a genius at unhelpful self talk and being anxious. 

My first day of class I was very excited to see that, for one, it’s not my fault that I have become a genius at these things. It was unintentional. That alone was a huge relief for me! It made learning new habits seem easier and more fun. 

My second day I was excited to learn! It was such a wonderful atmosphere with everyone encouraging and supporting one another. I enjoyed practicing the LP on the mat and at home. 

My third day was also wonderful! We learned more about applying the LP in everyday life. 

By the last day I felt as though I had learned a new way of living. 

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Crippling Grief to Renewed Joy and Revitalized Health

My brother died suddenly and traumatically in 2016.  The “normal” shock and grief of his death halted my life and months later progressed into a deep depression.  I avoided work. I avoided people.  My self-care routines evaporated.  My business was struggling.  Every aspect of my life was suffering and I was paralyzed.  After a year of watching my finances drain and my physical and emotional health wither, I sought the Lightning Process.

The Lightning Process made sense to me neurologically, yet I doubted my ability to master the program.  I didn’t want to stop mourning my brother, and I didn’t know if it was possible to both regain control of my life and acknowledge his death.  I worried I’d be too depressed or lazy to stick to the Lightning Process.  I trusted the process, but not necessarily myself.   Amanda gave me several exercises to work on prior to the class that helped me dispel these doubts and jumpstart a more optimistic mindset.  I noticed changes in myself as soon as I started using these tools.   

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Before the LP I was mostly homebound. Today I am enjoying life!

A client wrote recently with an update on her progress:

I have continued to do things that I love since getting back to Seattle! We have had friends over to dinner, I've gone out to lunch with friends, I've attended dance competitions and baseball games, and a special music competition my daughter was asked to play the clarinet in.  What fun!  This is such a wonderful change because before the LP I was mostly homebound.  Today I am enjoying life!

My friends and other people we know have noticed how much better I look!  They comment on the light in my eyes and that my face does not seem stressed out!  I've talked about how the Lightning Process has helped so much.  My counselor that I see every other week and I have talked about what a difference it has made in my life.

I am so thankful to have the tools to live the life I love!

From indescribable pain to healing my life

From indescribable pain to healing my life

I remember walking into the Lightning Process with almost no hope about the future. I'd thought I'd been given a life sentence with the 'incurable' CRPS - and I truly believed that my life was over. I could barely walk more than 100m, and was spending 20+ hours a day in bed or on a couch in indescribable pain. 

I walked into the LP with a tiny bit of hope that I might learn how to heal from CRPS. What ACTUALLY happened is that the Lightning Process taught me how to heal my life.

I can walk 10km now, I can drive a car, I do yoga, I'm running my own business, studying again - but it's given me so much more than that. I value myself. I put myself first. I've learnt about self compassion, and self care, and realised that if I really want to change the world, I have to start by changing myself.

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"As for CRPS? ...What CRPS?!"

Before I did the Lightning Process — even though I had experienced a great deal of progress in my battle with CRPS through treatments at the Neurologic Relief Center in Fayetteville, AR —  I did not feel anywhere near ready to proclaim victory. I had a lot of doubts about my ability to hold off the monster that is CRPS, and did not feel confident or complete in my own power against something which had previously stripped me of all sense of control over my body, my mind, and my life. 

The tools I learned during the three-day training were life-changing for me.

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The Lightning Process® Gave Me My Life Back from Fibromyalgia, CFS and CRPS

The Lightning Process® Gave Me My Life Back from Fibromyalgia, CFS and CRPS

Hello, my name is Julie. I'm 48 years old, and from 1985 through July, 29, 2017 I was invisible. I know that you are probably thinking that I've gone completely round the bend, but please hear me out. I was a master of the Art of Becoming Invisible. I have been banged into many a time by people who said they didn't see me - and I'd be walking straight toward them! I could walk through a crowded room undetected and many a time  I have startled someone by "appearing out of the blue." One of the most common things that people would say to me was, "Oh, I didn't see you." Once again I'd be right in front of them!

Another thing that I've been a master at is being afraid. I have dealt with fear and anxiety since age 15. And I used to be dependent, before July, 29, 2017, on homeopathic remedies to calm me down.

My biggest mastery was that of being sick. Since age 15, I've had all sorts of weird health issues, including: allergies to many things, Fibromyalgia, CFS, and CRPS.

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Life is, at last, the life I want to lead

Here I was in my mid 50s and not having a good time of it. Life seemed to be running me. I heard of the Lightning Process from a girl from Australia, who had a lot of success with it and stated that it had changed her life. Now that sounded like exactly what I needed.

I had been stuck in the 'fight or flight' response for too many years to count. This had taken its toll on my mind and body, with a whole myriad of symptoms, one of which was Chronic Fatigue, as well as chronic pain, anxiety and stress, just to mention a few.

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Back on the Motorcycle and out of the Wheelchair

After three cracked vertebrae and an unsuccessful surgery, Tom Smith was told by several doctors that there was "nothing to be done" and he should expect to spend the rest of his life in pain and in a wheelchair.  Not willing to accept this outcome, and inspired by his niece who had used the Lightning Process to recover from 30 years of CFS,  Tom came to Portland from Indiana, barely able to walk with a walker.  One of his dearest wishes was to ride his motorcycle again...

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Pictures tell a thousand words: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to Exuberant Energy

Pictures tell a thousand words: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to Exuberant Energy


Pictures tell a thousand words.  

A happy mom was so delighted with her daughter's recovery from CFS that she sent this exuberant photo just 2/12 weeks after Sarah completed the Lightning Process. Later she sent a video (see below) of a fun-filled vacation, saying:

"Couldn't have had this amazing experience without the Lightning Process and you!!"

Laura, San Antonio, Texas

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Vibrant health, energy, and vitality

For over 30 years, before I did the Lightning Process training in 2016, I had many chronic issues -- fatigue, sinus infections, colds, depression, anxiety, aches, pains and so on. I consulted with many doctors and tried numerous treatments, some of which were helpful for a short time, but nothing really worked to restore my health on a permanent basis. Sound familiar?

Since I did the LP training, my health and life have truly transformed. I now experience vibrant health, energy, and vitality, as well as remarkable resilience, on a consistent basis. I can do all the things I want to do and can handle anything that comes my way.

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Debilitating Pain to "Now I Don't Even Think About It"

Before I did the Lightning Process I was experiencing headaches and severe neck pain, 8/9 out of 10 every day (and I have a high pain threshold) which was completely defining my life. I'd tried so many things -- including physical therapy, and wearing a mouth brace 24/7 for a year -- and nothing seemed to be working.  I was a mess, withdrawing socially and feeling so discouraged.

I'd known about the Lightning Process for a while and one day I just knew I was ready to do it. 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears.'

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CRPS to "I Can Do Anything I Want!"

CRPS to "I Can Do Anything I Want!"

The Lightning Process was the best thing I ever did.  Before I did the seminar in the fall of 2014 I'd had CRPS in my leg for over a year, diagnosed by a CRPS specialist at Massachussetts General Hospital. The lightest touch felt ungodly, like nothing I'd ever felt before. If you'd touched my foot with a feather I'd have wanted to punch you, the pain was that intense. I understand why this is called the suicide disease, and for a while I felt suicidal.

Reading about the Lightning Process, even the first few chapters, started to open my mind to hope. I'm a factual kind of guy, but it all made sense to me that I could change what was happening by changing the way my mind and body were working together. And just reading about it created small improvements. I could really understand how it might be possible to heal this, and that gave me so much hope.

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From Depression and Dis-ease to Joyfully Embracing Life

I now understand that how I think affects my health, my happiness and the world around me, many times in unconscious and unintentional ways.  After many years of abuse, clinical depression, addiction, and finally cancer, the Lightning Process has given me all the tools I need to fully embrace wellness instead of dis-ease.  I see the world, people, places and things differently, as a whole system, eagerly striving to provide for my every need, if only I’ll get out of the way.  I joyfully embrace the unfolding miracle of this life that I love.

Gene, Portland, Oregon

From Chronic Migraines to Living Life

It has been a year and half since I completed the Lightning Process with Amanda - it has been a literal life-saver for me.  I am 30 and had been suffering from chronic migraines for over 18 years and gone through the ringer; countless tests, dozens of medications, diets, biofeedback, having my bite restructured, massage, pain clinics, Botox, acupuncture and hypnotherapy (EMDR/brain spotting) to name a few.  Very little gave me any relief.  I felt exhausted, sad and hopeless.  In the Spring of 2015 I finally took medical leave from work, they had gotten so bad, and this is when I heard about the Lightning Process from a family friend.

One of the biggest reasons the LP worked for me was the realization that I could control what was going on in my body, that I was not helpless.  I had a lot more power than I realized.  It seems simple but it was monumental for me.  There is no pill or treatment that a doctor could give to me.  After so many years of pain, I did not realize how badly I had spiraled into this sad, negative, unhappy person, even though I could put on a front at work or with friends. I had so many negative associations. 

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A Father's Perspective

This beautiful note was sent by Lauren's father, a physician in Portland, Oregon:

I cannot put into words what a wonderful thing you have done for our daughter, Lauren. Prior to seeing you she had not had 3 or 4 good days in a month, let alone in a row, for years. She was unable to do the things she loved, reliably participate in family activities, hang out with friends, or work anywhere near to her ability - I could go on. She is transformed. She is happier, healthier, fitter, working hard, having fun, working out - I could go on here as well. You have enabled her to get her life back after more than a decade of mostly failed attempts, dozens of medications and countless interactions of every imaginable type. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing and we will never forget what you have done.