Paradigm Shifts and Joy

I have worked as a mental health therapist since 1986. I have also been a client at various times in my life. So, in thinking about doing some therapy for myself I was delighted and grateful to begin NLP work with Amanda Ashley. She has extraordinary skills as a therapist. We all know therapists that we say are "born" to do this work.  Well this could not be more true of Amanda. She holds genuine respect for the client, while challenging with kindness and humor. And I TRUST HER!

My life has changed from working with Amanda. I have learned to talk to myself in deeper and more empowering ways. This has changed not only my inner life, but also how I am at work and with family and friends. I have reengaged the precious joy and quirky humor that are God-given gifts for me personally. I experience paradigm shifts during the sessions and then am delighted to notice more subtle shifts daily and weekly. I find myself saying, "Oh, that's different" and "I never thought of that possibility." There's more space and openness inside me now.

JAL, Portland, Oregon