Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue to a Totally Normal Life

Words cannot describe how amazed I am about everything I've been able to accomplish since taking the Lightning Process with Amanda in 2014. I’m at a place now that would have been COMPLETELY impossible without the Lightning Process. 

I took the training for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and CFS, which had become such a serious issue that I would have to lie down every hour out of complete exhaustion. It forced me to give up my graduate studies and spend most of my time in bed, and after reading terrible gloom and doom stories online, I was convinced that I'd never return to school with this condition, much less be able to work and have a fulfilling life.

But was I ever wrong! I'm now leading a totally normal life. I returned to school immediately after the training, have fulfilled my dream of learning to dance, have travelled, and have been training again to get my fitness back! I even raised an assistance dog named Charles who is now helping a wonderful young man with cerebral palsy.

I feel so empowered now. The LP training was a pleasure to attend, but what it provided me was much more than a three-day retreat. It gave me an understanding of how my mind and body interact, and a tool for life. I still use it often to change the way my mind, my body and the world are working together. To me now there is nothing I can't do or achieve anymore.  I owe it all to Amanda, and to Phil Parker's Lightning Process. It's the best thing I have ever done for myself – and my greatest gift in life given how helpless I used to feel. It’s the best secret ever kept which should be available to absolutely everyone! I am forever grateful.

AV, Quebec, Canada