Anxiety and Compulsive Thinking to Peace and Confidence

I have been seeing Amanda on a monthly basis for NLP coaching since the fall of 2013, and my work with her has had an incredibly positive effect on my personal and professional life.

Through the inspiring visualizations, conscious and empowering self-talk, and positive engagement with the present moment that I have learned to practice through my work with her, I have begun to change the way I think and feel each day. This work has enhanced not only my personal experience and relationships, but also my service work as a personal and academic coach for adults and young adults.

Over the years I have experienced a good deal of anxiety, hyper-sensitivity, and compulsive thinking, which has often led to negativity, self-doubt, and emotional suffering. Currently with the NLP tools and practices gained in my work with Amanda, I am experiencing much more peace, calm energy, confidence and joyful appreciation for life and self. These are of course very much my desired feeling states, and I am so grateful to Amanda and my work with her that I am able to access these lovely and powerful ways of being more easily and frequently.

Several times after a session with Amanda, people have marveled that I look deeply rested, happy and youthful. At a recent lunch that I arrived at directly after an NLP session, my friend exclaimed: “What’s going on? You look years younger today!” My deepest gratitude to Amanda!

Laura, Personal and Academic Coach, Portland, Oregon)