Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia to Feeling Amazing

The Lightning Process was recommended by a family member who recognized that stress was greatly impacting my life. My very stressful job, combined with high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, migraines, obesity, celiac disease, bone spurs etc. meant that I was not leading a life I loved. I had been actively working on improving my life in many ways and so I looked at this as another “tool” to use to achieve my goals. 

The results have been incredible. The first night of the three-day training I overcame my insomnia—sleeping all night without waking up once! And each time I returned to tell Amanda about my progress I became more and more excited about the results. Within five days, my blood pressure dropped from a (medicated) average rate of 128/88 to 110/68. Now I hope to be off my medication! I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep. I am able to reduce anxiety and pain, and eliminate my restless legs. I’m now applying the LP to eating mindfulness, body image and many other things. And I feel amazing! People ask me “what is different?” all the time, and I can’t stop talking about the LP and how it has, and continues to, help me.

Reading the LP book before my training helped build the framework for the process, and the training itself was a wonderful experience. Amanda and I clicked right away, and she really took the time to be sure I understood all the components of the LP. She was enthusiastic, supportive, warm and genuinely interested in my progress.

I admit I felt self conscious learning the LP steps at first, but I quickly got over that when I started recognizing the benefits. I began the training at the same time that I returned to my very stressful job after a long break and was able to immediately implement my new skills and, more importantly, reap the benefits. It was amazing to recognize that I had so much power to control the way I react—my body reacts—to stress. As I did the LP I could physically feel the change in my body, and the more I did it the easier and more automatic the response became. I began to use the LP in many areas because the benefit was so incredible.

Along the way I had some questions and Amanda always took plenty of time to explain things to me in a way that I could really understand. She worked with me to fine tune the way I used the LP and helped me see things in new eye-opening ways. One of the most powerful things I have gotten out of the LP is that I have the choice to live the life I want. The power is mine. My absolute favorite phrase from the training is that I am a “powerful genius!” I was perfectly genius at doing/reacting to things in non-useful, negative, harmful ways but I learned that I can choose to turn that powerful genius in a different—positive and useful—direction by using the LP.

After my training, I listened to the CD I was given every day and I still listen frequently. The more I read, listen and practice, the more embedded all of the powerful tools become. I won’t say this is “easy” because it requires practice, but the LP itself is very easy to use. The more I practice and use it, the easier it becomes and the more benefits I see. And, believe me, it is way “easier” than living the way I was before I began using the LP!

Alison, Portland, Oregon