Apathy and Sadness to Many Magnificent Results

I was in a tough place. I felt very apathetic, nihilistic and sad. I stopped doing my homework and started avoiding my friends, feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere. As a result, my grades plummeted and I never accomplished anything. My parents were very concerned about me and, when they heard about the Lightning Process, wanted me to do the seminar.  

So I completed the three-day training and since then, by continuing to use the Lightning Process, have experienced many magnificent results, such as my grades improving and becoming comfortable talking to people and making new friends. My friends and teachers notice that I am more engaged, happier and doing better on assignments and tests. The Lightning Process has truly led me to live the life I love and I am very grateful.

(6 months later, writing from an all-summer volunteering adventure in Costa Rica…)
Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, for teaching me the Lightning Process and all our follow-up sessions. I would not be able to do this without you. It is so beautiful here and I’ve been taking lots of pictures. There are a lot of really awesome people here and I’m excited to meet more.

Julia (17), Portland, Oregon

(Recent update: For her college application essay, Julia wrote about the Lightning Process and how it helped her on her healing journey. She applied to seven colleges around the country, and was accepted by all seven. Yay, Julia!)