Chronic Lyme Disease to a Life I Love

Through working with Amanda and the Lightning Process my life has shifted from one with many physical, psychological and emotional issues to a life I absolutely love! A life of flexibility, fluidity and focus.

I am recovering from chronic Lyme disease and its myriad symptoms used to consume every waking moment. However, by practicing the LP my various symptoms have either minimized dramatically or have completely disappeared.

I have transformed stress and tension in my body from a tight jaw, grinding teeth and tight shoulders into a body that can relax simply by noticing the tension beginning to rise up.

I can feel energized and productive merely by switching my state of mind and editing out that which is not supportive of what I want in any given moment or situation.

Amanda so beautifully taught me the LP and then supported me with her delightful positive coaching via Skype calls; each was rich in applause, suggestions and review of LP as needed. She is simply brilliant and, she helped me realize, so am I!

Kris, Reno, Nevada 


I think of you often and the work I did with you. The Lightning Process is so helpful to me. I just know it is always there for me to visit anytime, anywhere to create my own reality to benefit all areas of my life!

Lately I've been using the process to train my brain not to fall into old age patterns. Now all I have to say to myself is "I want to walk with agility and grace" and my shoulders automatically become erect and my foot placement is purposeful and firmly planted. So I'm walking like a younger version of myself!