I Used the Lightning Process Throughout My Entire Labor

A client just sent me this wonderful note: 

I have been meaning to write to you …first time I have sat down at the computer since Jaxen was born. I wanted to tell you that I used the Lightning Process throughout my entire labor. This was physically and emotionally the hardest situation I have been through and my OB and midwife were astonished that I was able to push out Jaxen at almost 12 pounds (without medication!) 

The birth was very scary, especially when Jaxen’s shoulders got stuck. There were several doctors in the room and everyone was freaking out. I used the Lightning Process to tune into myself and stay calm, reminding myself that Jaxen and I were “safe, safe, safe.” After the birth, not only were we “safe” but we were both healthy and OK!!! Jaxen is an amazing baby and I feel so blessed to have him in my arms. This is my latest update of what’s possible after working with you and the Lightning Process. Wow!

Lindsay, Chicago, Illinois