Instantaneous Shifts in Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

The Lightning Process has provided me a magical key to living my life fully with confidence, ease and joy. After the three-day training, my blood pressure shifted from 180/109 to 150/75 (which, as a registered nurse, amazes me!), and I now have more energy, approach life more playfully and easily let go of that which is not mine to do. Practicing the LP has shown me how much negative thoughts and beliefs used to undermine my life, and how to change these patterns by making almost instantaneous shifts in my emotional and physical wellbeing. 

The sessions with Amanda have been far more life changing than the many trips to the therapist I have made over the years. The Lightning Process seems to incorporate my experiences with meditation, hypnotherapy, visualization, cognitive therapy and Tai chi. And it’s a tool I can use by myself at any time, for myself—which is enormously empowering. Personally, I feel people of all ages would benefit from doing the LP training.

Working with Amanda has opened up doors I did not even realize I had closed. The combination of her compassion, intuition and sacred presence have allowed me to feel totally held and trusting as I unlocked myself from the full-body spiraling results of negative thoughts and beliefs. And her patient, playful and supportive coaching has guided me to ask important questions of myself, and taught me how to become my own empathetic coach.

Doing the LP daily gives me hope! As a “60-something” I sensed my life closing down. I now have confidence that I can face whatever comes my way, using this simple, powerful tool to guide me in choosing to fully embrace the final quarter of my one precious life. I am excited.

Judi, San Jose, California