A Husband's Perspective

When my wife began to seriously experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I was astounded at the impact it had on her and ultimately on our family.  For over two years we were "on hold."  During this time I saw her unable to work, to socialize, to cook, shop, walk, attend family or fun events all the while working with a health system that was stumped.

I saw her crawl up stairs and celebrate when she walked half a street block. Sharon was a dedicated patient.  She tried everything and after she had stumped the conventional doctors she worked hard at diet supplements, meditation and support of others with Chronic Fatigue.  All this showed only minimal improvement.  At times we wondered if this was "permanent" and that we should just work on acceptance that healing was not going to happen and needed to concentrate on managing her condition. More often we were a little hopeful but not sure why!  

Sharon is a special person. Much of her life has been moving toward a deeper understanding and respect for the mind-body connection.  The Lightning Process was the final catalyst that resulted in a miraculous improvement that has given Sharon back a healthy life. My sense is that Amanda, her gifts with the Lightning Process, and Sharon were ready for each other. And I am so very grateful for Amanda's compassion, wisdom, and support.  For the right person at the right time this process can clearly bring healing, and I am relishing the benefits. Not only is my wife back in her best health ever, I have been able to retire from my almost full-time care-taker role. And I feel like whatever life throws at us, Sharon has developed an amazing gift that will help her to thrive.   

Paul, New Hampshire