No More Wheelchair after Day 1 of the Lightning Process

I did the Lightning Process training 6 months ago primarily for CFS and adrenal fatigue, however, so many areas of my health and life have improved since. Like many others, I tried endless treatments and therapies to experience little temporary relief or worsening symptoms.

Prior to CFS, I was a fitness instructor living an outgoing active lifestyle.

For four and a half years I was isolated living in my bed, with a variety of symptoms, barely able to walk a few yards and needing complete care. The few times I had visitors, including my brothers, I would end up falling extremely ill afterwards. I know that unfortunately so many can relate.

I chose to focus on what I had to appreciate and believed that one day I would be well again. Thanks to Amanda, Phil Parker, and the Lightning Process this has become my reality.

I arrived to Day 1 of the LP feeling so terrible unsure of how I would make it through the day. At the end of the Day 1, I walked out and haven't needed my wheelchair since. Day 2 I walked a total of a mile. After day 3, and a long drive home, I went into the grocery store. Two days later I was overjoyed to walk my beloved dogs. I began exercising again and am so grateful to be spending lots of time with my friends and family. Recently, my boyfriend and I moved into our first home.

Every day in life's simple beautiful moments, I cry tears of joy in awe that this is my life.

From the moment I met Amanda she has felt like family to me. She cares for her clients on that level. I enjoy describing her to people "like a Christmas tree". She's an absolutely amazing human being and exceptional coach.

Amanda, Chicago, Illinois