Life is, at last, the life I want to lead

Here I was in my mid 50s and not having a good time of it. Life seemed to be running me. I heard of the Lightning Process from a girl from Australia, who had a lot of success with and stated that it had changed her life. Now that sounded like exactly what I needed.

I had been stuck in the 'fight or flight' response for too many years to count. This had taken its toll on my mind and body, with a whole myriad of symptoms, one of which was Chronic Fatigue, as well as chronic pain, anxiety and stress, just to mention a few.

I was dubious about another thing to try and more money spent as I felt I had tried many treatments over the years. So I listened about the process and how Neuroplasticity works, and it did make sense. I do know the brain is a wonderful tool and if we could only learn to use it appropriately.

The first day was awesome and Amanda was fabulous at hosting and sharing her experiences. I threw myself into it as I had nothing to lose. I had an immediate response to the process as I felt an energy I had not felt in a long while. It was invigorating and positive, and I just knew then that the process would work for me. Now I am not saying that there is nothing left for me to do as it is a daily undertaking, if not an hourly one, to stay aware of your thinking and feelings. I am working with the process every day and honing it to work as a way of life.

Most notably, after the first day I could walk without my cane and was able to sit cross-legged on a low sofa and stand up from it with ease. My discomfort in my body was much improved. Now, that may not seem like a big feat, but when that is your favorite way to sit and you have not done so in years, then, it is. Also, I used to have difficulty getting out of bed and after the first day I was able to get out of bed with ease. I even danced with my husband in the grocery store that night, but that is another story for another time...

One of the side-effects of the process for me has been that my sense of humor has returned. I noticed that this lifted my mood and changed my outlook. This in turn spurred on a new confidence in my ability to impact my life in a positive way. As I write this it has been only two weeks since the course and I have so much more improvement to look forward to. Life is, at last, the life I want to lead. Isn't that ducky?

Kathleen, Victoria, Canada