Vibrant health, energy, and vitality

For over 30 years, before I did the Lightning Process training in 2016, I had many chronic issues -- fatigue, sinus infections, colds, depression, anxiety, aches, pains and so on. I consulted with many doctors and tried numerous treatments, some of which were helpful for a short time, but nothing really worked to restore my health on a permanent basis. Sound familiar?

Since I did the LP training, my health and life have truly transformed. I now experience vibrant health, energy, and vitality, as well as remarkable resilience, on a consistent basis. I can do all the things I want to do and can handle anything that comes my way.

Recently, I have had several experiences that would have adversely affected my health in the past (i.e., my mother was in hospice and died, my home was remodeled, and I spent three weeks traveling in Europe). Now I take them all in stride and continue to feel well and enjoy life.

I highly recommend the Lightning Process training and follow-up coaching with Amanda. She is a fabulous trainer and coach. If you are ready to try something new that is truly revolutionary and transformational, and which has actually worked for many people, then the Lightning Process is for you.

Suzanne, California