Back on the Motorcycle and out of the Wheelchair

After three cracked vertebrae and an unsuccessful surgery, Tom Smith was told by his doctors that there was 'nothing to be done' and he should expect to spend the rest of his life in pain and in a wheelchair.  Not willing to accept this outcome, and inspired by his niece who had used the Lightning Process to recover from 30 years of CFS, Tom came to Portland from Indiana barely able to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. One of his dearest wishes was to ride his motorcycle again...

Tom literally hobbled his way to the training on Day 1, heavily dependent on pain medication and his cane.  By the second day he no longer needed his cane, and by the third day he turned off the nerve stimulator planted in his back and started to reduce his medication. He was determined to get his life back.

Two weeks later, Tom's wife Susie sent me this delightful video of Tom, not just sitting on his motorcycle (which before the LP would have been impossible for him) but finishing up a long ride and then walking with ease back to his house. Susie's voice captures just how exciting this moment was for them!

A few months later, Tom is happily riding his motorcycle on all-day adventures, and he reports that "it's like there's nothing wrong!"

"Thanks to the Lord and Phil Parker, I now have no pain and life is fun again," he says, "and I especially want to thank you, the person who taught me the LP way, which will be with me for the rest of my life."