The LP Has Been a Miracle in My Life

For seven years I suffered from CRPS, the worst pain known to man.  My beliefs, thoughts, and actions all revolved around this crippling disease.  I was barely functional, had lost my job, and was just barely surviving.  I was on narcotics and nerve pain medications, had a spinal cord stimulator, and was doing numerous things to help cope with the pain and avoid any flares.

 I signed up for the Lightning Process with Amanda, not knowing what it really was, only knowing that it had helped people with similar conditions.  The workshop is three days long.  After the first day I was fully off my medications and my pain was gone during the daytime.  Unbelievable!  After a month I was sleeping well and feeling great...all the time!  By simply changing my beliefs, thoughts, and actions I was able to control my physiology and reverse an incurable disease.  The Lightning Process has been a miracle in my life, opening my eyes to the mind-body connection and giving me the tools to control what I once believed to be beyond my control.

Amanda is amazing.  She has a passion for the Lightning Process and for helping people, and she is incredibly good at it.  With her I got someone who genuinely cares for me and knows just how to help and guide me in every situation I could throw at her.  I am now doing amazing and it just continues to get better, thanks to Amanda and the Lightning Process.

Darin Heuermann, Cumming, Georgia