The Lightning Process Gave Me My Life Back from Fibromyalgia, CFS and CRPS

Hello, my name is Julie. I'm 48 years old, and from 1985 through July, 29, 2017 I was invisible. I know that you are probably thinking that I've gone completely round the bend, but please hear me out. I was a master of the Art of Becoming Invisible. I have been banged into many a time by people who said they didn't see me - and I'd be walking straight toward them! I could walk through a crowded room undetected and many a time I have startled someone by "appearing out of the blue." One of the most common things that people would say to me was, "Oh, I didn't see you." Once again I'd be right in front of them!

Another thing that I've been a master at is being afraid. I have dealt with fear and anxiety since age 15. And I used to be dependent, before July, 29, 2017, on homeopathic remedies to calm me down.

My biggest mastery was that of being sick. Since age 15, I've had all sorts of weird health issues, including: allergies to many things, Fibromyalgia, CFS, and CRPS.

I'm telling you about all the bad in my life because I want you to know how important July 28, 2017 is to me. This is the day that I met Amanda Ashley. Amanda was this wonderful breath of fresh air that came into my life, and I was immediately drawn to her kindness, intelligence, and heart. She spoke of how, if we can train our brain to go toward positive thoughts, then our body can heal itself. I had heard before that the key to a healthy body is having positive thoughts, but after a lifetime of fear and negativity, I just hadn't been able to get my thoughts to work for me instead of against me.

When she said that the Lightning Process (LP) is a tool that can be used to train our brains to go upward towards happy and calm, instead of down into the pit of depression and fear etc., I had to keep myself from yelling "Wahoo!" I was so excited from that moment on, that several times during class, she thought that I wanted to say something, and I kept saying no.  Little did she know that I was fighting the urge to yell "Yes!", cheer her on, and, or to hug her!  LOL

Day 2 of the training, July 29, 2017, will be a day that I will always remember.  That was the day that I decided to be seen again. I had perfected the art of invisibility as a way to protect myself from getting hurt. I have experienced violence several times in my life, and thought that if "they" couldn't see me, "they" couldn't hurt me. But I realized that by being invisible, I wasn't really living life. I was keeping it at arms length, and I was tired of that. While going to the mat and practicing LP with Amanda, I yelled that I wanted to be seen. And in that instant it felt like a bright light had been turned on inside me! I don't exaggerate when I say that it was as if looking at the world through different eyes! I felt so comfortable, powerful, strong, and happy!!! (My classmates say that I totally transformed in front of their eyes.)

The next day, which was the last day of class, I was able to be in a room full of lily flowers without succumbing to an asthma attack and massive headache, simply by using the LP! That was the first time in decades that I was able to enjoy real flowers.

Since having LP as my greatest tool, I have faced many things in life that I would've had me reaching for homeopathic remedies to help me calm down, but I have been able to calm down without the help of anything, or anyone, except myself. How empowering is that?!

I have also been quite comfortable in my body since having LP in my life, and pain is becoming a thing of the past. My pain has gone drastically down, and a lot of times I don't even notice it! (When I do have a setback it's because I've neglected to use LP for way too long. When I use the LP, without fail, I feel instantly better, and within a day or two I'm back to being confidently comfortable.)

I've also experienced more joy since learning the LP than I have in the past decades. Think about that, that's a biggie. If you have the opportunity to take LP - take it! Learning the LP was the best thing I have ever done for myself. My life is amazingly wonderful, and I can see and appreciate this now because of the LP. I welcome the future with open arms instead of crossed arms, and I am thankful to have the LP and Amanda in my life. (I'm also thankful that Phil Parker created LP!)

Oh, and one more thing that's a result of the LP. When I walk into a crowded room now, people notice me. And you know what? I LOVE IT! LOL

Julie Ray, Houston, Texas