"As for CRPS? ...What CRPS?!"

Before I did the Lightning Process — even though I had experienced a great deal of progress in my battle with CRPS through treatments at the Neurologic Relief Center in Fayetteville, AR —  I did not feel anywhere near ready to proclaim victory. I had a lot of doubts about my ability to hold off the monster that is CRPS, and did not feel confident or complete in my own power against something which had previously stripped me of all sense of control over my body, my mind, and my life. 

The tools I learned during the three-day training were life-changing for me. 

This was my time to break through old habits, thought processes, and beliefs that had kept me stuck. At times the experience seemed silly, and I felt naked, raw, and exposed at other times.  But I embraced that.  And I dove in to the deep end of the pool. 

My recipe for success was to be fully present and fully engage in the process, and then practice, practice, practice. The effort I expended over the next 72 hours has paid me back immeasurably and will, I’m sure, for the rest of my life.

Everyone’s experience is different, and no-one can guarantee an outcome for you, but I promise that if you suspend your doubts, fears, and “what ifs,” and really focus on being fully present and 100% all-in during this time, you WILL benefit, and change will be yours for the taking.

I continue to use the process whenever I notice that I am beginning to fall into old patterns, and each time I emerge stronger and happier, and my life is exponentially better in every aspect. And as for CRPS?  ...What CRPS?!

Marcella Piper-Terry, Fayetteville, AR