From indescribable pain to healing my life

I remember walking into the Lightning Process with almost no hope about the future. I'd thought I'd been given a life sentence with the 'incurable' CRPS - and I truly believed that my life was over. I could barely walk more than 100m, and was spending 20+ hours a day in bed or on a couch in indescribable pain. 

I walked into the LP with a tiny bit of hope that I might learn how to heal from CRPS. What ACTUALLY happened is that the Lightning Process taught me how to heal my life.

I can walk 10km now, I can drive a car, I do yoga, I'm running my own business, studying again - but it's given me so much more than that. I value myself. I put myself first. I've learnt about self compassion, and self care, and realised that if I really want to change the world, I have to start by changing myself.

The Lightning Process gave me my power back. It put the health of my body firmly in my hands after countless doctors had told me there wasn't anything more they could do. 

I spent tens of thousands of dollars on treatments for CRPS - and it was the Lightning Process (that cost barely a fraction of that) that gave me my life back. Amanda is an amazing coach - EVERYBODY should do it! 

Chantelle Baxter, Melbourne, Australia