Before the LP I was mostly homebound. Today I am enjoying life!

A client wrote recently with an update on her progress:

I have continued to do things that I love since getting back to Seattle! We have had friends over to dinner, I've gone out to lunch with friends, I've attended dance competitions and baseball games, and a special music competition my daughter was asked to play the clarinet in.  What fun!  This is such a wonderful change because before the LP I was mostly homebound.  Today I am enjoying life!

My friends and other people we know have noticed how much better I look!  They comment on the light in my eyes and that my face does not seem stressed out!  I've talked about how the Lightning Process has helped so much.  My counselor that I see every other week and I have talked about what a difference it has made in my life.

I am so thankful to have the tools to live the life I love!