Crippling Grief to Renewed Joy and Revitalized Health

My brother died suddenly and traumatically in 2016.  The “normal” shock and grief of his death halted my life and months later progressed into a deep depression.  I avoided work. I avoided people.  My self-care routines evaporated.  My business was struggling.  Every aspect of my life was suffering and I was paralyzed.  After a year of watching my finances drain and my physical and emotional health wither, I sought the Lightning Process.

The Lightning Process made sense to me neurologically, yet I doubted my ability to master the program.  I didn’t want to stop mourning my brother, and I didn’t know if it was possible to both regain control of my life and acknowledge his death.  I worried I’d be too depressed or lazy to stick to the Lightning Process.  I trusted the process, but not necessarily myself.   Amanda gave me several exercises to work on prior to the class that helped me dispel these doubts and jumpstart a more optimistic mindset.  I noticed changes in myself as soon as I started using these tools.   

The training itself was a powerful experience.  I was in a group with 3 others.  I’d initially resisted a group course, as my problems felt too intimate to share.  In retrospect, though, the group course was exactly what I needed.  The support in the room was palpable and witnessing others work through their issues was both inspiring and  reassuring.  We all left that course  improved, happier, and more comfortable versions of ourselves.  I felt lighter, creative, and excited about possibilities and ideas again.  I had energy and I felt like my brain was finally working again.  I realized my life hadn’t fallen apart.  I was back in the driver seat. 

The follow-up sessions with Amanda were significant for me.  I never spoke about my brother’s death during the 3 day course.  The LP has steps you work without needing to go into the history of your problem.  The one-on-one follow-up sessions, however, gave me the privacy I needed to fall headfirst into my grief.  Amanda then skillfully coached me back to myself, using the LP.  This piece - learning how to experience my grief without being utterly crippled by it - was what eluded me for over a year.   

Depression in varying intensities has been a part of my life for many, many years.  The Lightning Process has given me tools to effectively manage my emotions and I’m now off anti-depressants.  I’ve also begun applying the LP to other areas of my life, and have seen significant improvements in my sleep and PMS, both of which I’d struggled with for decades.  I’m more balanced and more resilient in every way, and I have the Lightning Process to thank  for this.  I recommend the Lightning Process to friends, family members, and patients alike – anyone who wants to change chronic patterns, both physical and emotional, and experience a more comfortable, vibrant life.


Anne Carruth, LAc, Dipl, OM, MS

Portland, OR