A Lighthouse to Guide Me out of Chronic Pain and Despair


My name is Gabriel King, I am a chronic pain veteran of five years and a writer. For those five years of hell, I was in a state of limbo, falling aimlessly into a pit of despair. It was a very hopeless place to be and I soon found myself longing for a way out, a lighthouse to guide me out of the darkness. For me, the Lightning Process was that lighthouse. It was an incredible discovery to learn that I had more control over my body than I realized. This tool is a necessity for those seeking to find victory over chronic pain.

During the three-day seminar, I was coming off of Cymbalta and was dealing with the severe side effects that come with that. Having learned the Lightning Process quickly and added it on my tool belt, I was also able to overcome those symptoms and never felt them again.

The Lightning Process was the final key I needed to pull myself out of the Pit and get back to the life I love!

Gabe King, Virginia

Gabe is also the author of an excellent blog about the Lightning Process, which you can read here