No More Illness, Life is Amazing

My name is Skylar I’m nineteen years old.  I used to live with Gastroparesis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CRPS and much more and I took the Lightning Process class several months back. 

Before LP I was a genius at unhelpful self talk and being anxious. 

My first day of class I was very excited to see that, for one, it’s not my fault that I have become a genius at these things. It was unintentional. That alone was a huge relief for me! It made learning new habits seem easier and more fun. 

My second day I was excited to learn! It was such a wonderful atmosphere with everyone encouraging and supporting one another. I enjoyed practicing the LP on the mat and at home. 

My third day was also wonderful! We learned more about applying the LP in everyday life. 

By the last day I felt as though I had learned a new way of living. 

The LP is a wonderful training! It’s just that, a training. Meaning that you will only become a genius at helpful things if you practice practice practice! Don’t strive for perfection because it does not exist but rather strive for your best because that is absolutely possible! I’ve also learned that there I times when I don’t feel like doing the LP.  I’m “too busy”, “too tired”, or “too” fill in the blank. But I’ve noticed that if I just do the process, I feel great! The process only takes about a minute. So I ask myself, am I worth this minute? Is it worth it for me to take a minute of my day to then feel confident and calm the rest of the day? The answer is, YES! YES! YES! 

I continue to learn everyday and some days I still might notice some unhelpful patterns, but now I’m able to catch them, stop them, and move forward being fully present. I’m able to go out and about feeling calm and comfortable! I’m starting school in January which I’m very excited about. Before I would not have been excited because of anxiety, but not anymore! I’ve also been public speaking to different groups, which feels wonderful. 

I feel as though I’ve finally gotten my brain back from the constant fog. I don’t have any illness issues now and I’m so grateful for each day! Life is absolutely amazing and it feels wonderful to be excited for each new adventure that comes my way! 

I recommend the LP for anyone and everyone. Whether you have an illness or not it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in your relationship with yourself and others. 

Remember that you are powerful and loved and that if I can do it so can you! 

               You need be defeated only if you are willing to be.  ~Norman Vincent Peale

Skylar, Florida