CRPS to Freedom and Joy!


I had the opportunity to learn the Lightning Process with Amanda Ashley a year ago, and it is still something I use daily, sometimes several times a day.  I was treated for CRPS, a rare chronic pain syndrome, and the LP is a technique that I use to 'rewire' the brain, or to create new neuro-pathways.  I left treatment with several 'tools in my bag' to manage pain, but it is the Lightning Process that is my 'go-to'!  Any time I start to feel the slightest hint of CRPS showing it's face, I immediately practice the Lightning Process! 

Not only has it helped me with the CRPS, but now I use it for other areas in my life!  I see the world differently, and how my brain perceives my world!!  I have even used the LP to manage any kind of negative emotions that have been attached to previous traumatic experiences.  These are 'old programs' that run when I have a memory trigger, but I have created 'new programs' by creating new neuro-pathways and now I know I can live the rest of my life in freedom and joy and abundance.  Since treatment for CRPS, I have been ziplining, rappeling, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, and I just hiked a mountain for 12 miles!!

Thank you Amanda Ashley and Phil Parker!!  I am so grateful!!!! 

Cheri Meeks, Summerville, South Carolina