"I’m at a place now that would have been COMPLETELY impossible without the Lightning Process. Before I would have to lie down every hour out of complete exhaustion. Now I’m living a totally normal life."

Quebec, Canada



The Lightning Process® is a life-changing three-day training workshop that empowers people to influence their health and well-being in remarkable ways.

Designed in the late 1990s by Phil Parker, this unique program focuses on the science of how the brain and the body interact, and how this connection can lead to rapid physical and emotional improvements.

Phil Parker is an internationally recognized leader in the field of personal development. Trained in Osteopathy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, he developed the Lightning Process®— which integrates all of these healing modalities—to give people a simple, practical and powerful tool to resolve a wide variety of issues.

Thousands of people worldwide, aged 7 to 87, have reported that they have used the Lightning Process® to recover their health from many different conditions, and to live into their fullest potential for happiness and fulfillment.

The Lightning Process® consists of three days (approximately 4-5 hours per day) of intensive interactive training and several hours of one-on-one follow-up — all designed to teach you how to use your mind to influence your body in powerful and lasting ways. Retraining old and unhelpful patterns of mind and body creates new life-enhancing patterns that promote health and vitality.

Neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to change in response to how it's used—quickly allows these changes to become automatic, leading to profound improvements in health, happiness, and well-being.

During the training, you will learn:

  • The powerful interaction between body and mind
  • The destructive effects of stress (the “Fight or Flight” response) on the body’s systems and overall quality of life
  • How to identify unconscious negative and limiting thought and language patterns and beliefs
  • How these destructive patterns lead to neurological patterns that undermine health and well-being
  • How to change these patterns in empowering and effective ways by using the the Lightning Process® — a simple, yet highly effective, process that involves gentle movement, meditation-like techniques, visualization and mental exercises

Is The Lightning Process® Right for You?

Being ready to wholeheartedly embrace the Lightning Process and the work it entails is the most important first step. Because this is a training (not a treatment), you are the one who will be doing the work with the tools you have learned. And your success will be greatly influenced by how consistently you put these tools into action.  Here are some questions to help you determine your readiness to do the training. 

Next Steps

If you believe the Lightning Process is the right approach for you, here are your next steps:

  • Listen to Part 1 of the Lightning Process by Phil Parker (available here) to learn more about the principles behind the training.
  • Contact me by email or by phone at 503-887-0997 with any questions you might have about any aspect of the Lightning Process® to make sure you understand what it entails.
  • Complete an application form.
  • Schedule a time when we can discuss your application together to make sure you are fully ready to undertake the training. If, for any reason, I feel you are not ready to get the benefits you want from the Lightning Process®, I will suggest ways for you to prepare yourself to be ready in the future. If you are ready now, we simply need to schedule a time for the seminar.