“Amanda manages to find a way to help me get a new perspective on things in such an easy way. Her intuition is integrated in her professional skills and knowledge, and she holds the space that creates room for healing to appear.”

Much recent scientific study has focused on how stress influences our lives in negative ways.  

At the heart of this understanding is the ‘fight or flight’ response, or Physical Emergency Response (PER), that triggers dramatic changes in the body to allow us to respond to a perceived threat. The PER works by unleashing a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters to give us super human bursts of speed and strength to allow us to meet the threat at hand.  

This is a very good thing if we are experiencing a true emergency such as a car speeding toward us, or a wild animal on the loose.  But, it does not work so well when the ‘threats’ we respond to are more long-lasting – such as illness, jobs, relationships…life – because the PER was designed to be activated for only very short periods of time.

Research demonstrates that long-term activation of the PER is very damaging to both our health and our quality of life. It creates havoc with the healing and immune system, digestion, sleep, clear thinking and general mood, robbing some of the body’s key systems in order to create a dramatic burst of energy – that in the case of long-term issues is not what is needed anyway. The effect of a long-term PER is known as a high Allostatic Load and has been linked with many chronic illnesses.

Reducing Allostatic Load is considered vital for improving chronic health conditions and restoring equanimity in our lives. The Lightning Process® does this by teaching you how to spot when the PER is happening (and the unconscious patterns that are creating it) and how to calm this response. Once calm, the body re-balances itself and activates its natural healing system, while overall well-being and quality of life are greatly enhanced.